Agip Antifreeze Extra D

Agip Antifreeze Extra D Is an ethylene glycol based freezer

Amine, nitrite and phosphate free antifreezing fluid based on ethylene glycol with improved corrosion protection.

Properties and Performance:

Eni ANTIFREEZE EXTRA D lowers the freezing point of the coolant depending on the proportion of mixture with water. With sufficient concentration it prevents the freezing of the coolant in the cooling system. Therefore damages due to frost during the cold season at combustion engines are prevented. The required corrosion protection is already accomplished at low concentration.

Eni ANTIFREEZE EXTRA D contains carefully selected amine, nitrite and phosphate free inhibitors, which serve significantly to relieve the environment. All normally used metals in the radiator manufacturing, also aluminium and copper alloys, are effectively protected against corrosion. Its high level of alkalinity causes the preservation of the corrosion protective properties even if the coolant stays in the cooling system for a long time. Prescribed antifreeze change intervals have to be observed.

According to the environmental protection Eni ANTIFREEZE EXTRA D is preferred for the new filling of the cooling system of vehicles instead of the conventional antifreezing fluids.


Eni ANTIFREEZE EXTRA D mixed with water is applied in cooling systems of all water-cooled engines. Due to the safe corrosion protection, the detergent properties and to increase the boiling point it should stay in the cooling system all-year. For safety reasons the lowest recommended proportion of mixture should not be remained under. Before the filling the cooling system has to be carefully cleaned and checked for leaks. As a precaution brittled
rubber parts and tubes should be replaced.

After the filling the engine should run for several minutes with the heater turned on. Then the coolant level has to be checked and if necessary be filled up. The determination of the antifreezing grade is the same as with the conventional antifreezing fluids.

Eni ANTIFREEZE EXTRA D is miscible with all antifreezing fluids based on ethylene glycol.

Please observe the manufacturer’s specifications when selecting products.

Please observe the manufacturer’s specifications when selecting products.


Eni ANTIFREEZE EXTRA D is approved by name respectively meets the requirements* of the following specifications:

Fiat/Alfa Romeo/Lancia 9.55523
BMW N 600 69.0
MB sheet 325.0*
MAN 324 Type NF* for Pritarder application
GM/OPEL B 040 1065/QL 130 100
RENAULT 41-01-001, Type D
SAAB 6901 599
VOLVO 128 6083
VW TL 774 B/C (G11)


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