High quality lubrication with Meguin Gleitoel CGLP 460

When you buy engine oil for vehicles or machines, you need to make sure that you buy a product with some superior properties that can serve the main purpose. One of the most important features is lubrication, and you should not expect any compromise with it. Always make sure that the engine oil has excellent lubrication properties and if you are looking for such properties, you can always go for Meguin Gleitoel CGLP 460 , one of the most trusted lubricants. It offers excellent wear protection and remarkable adhesion, as it consists of additives and base oils. You will surely get the full value for your money.

Meguin gear oil CLP 32 is another name you can remember when looking for a lubricant that works well in industrial gearboxes and rolling and plain bearings. This lubricant is also perfect and superior for circular lubrication systems. Buy them and that’s all.


Looking for any other schmierstoffe product in MEGUIN LUBRICANTS or other Lubricant ? Just give us a call.





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