Schmierstoffe Service Offers Fuchs Renolin B 68 for Improving Ageing and Oxidation Stability


Fuchs Renolin B 68 offered by Schmierstoffe Service is manufactured wit selected mineral oils. This high quality additive can improve the ageing as well as oxidation level and is ideal for corrosion prevention in steel and iron articles. It can protect hydraulic pumps, motors, and other machineries from wear and tear due to temperature fluctuations and heavy loads.

Fuchs Renolin B 68 oil is hydraulic fluid and conforms to DIN-51524-2 standards being demulsifying and zinc containing. The oil is universally applicable and you can use it for any fluid based equipment.

Schmierstoffe Service also provides Total Hydransafe HFDU 46 – Biodegradable fire resistant hydraulic fluid or the TOTAL HYDRANSAFE HFDU 46. You can use it in hydraulic equipments operating in fire risk zones. It considerably reduces fire accidents occurring due to hose rupture or other incidences giving rise to oil mists.


Looking for any other schmierstoffe product in FUCHS Lubricants or other Lubricant ? Just give us a call.





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