Schmierstoffe Service Offers Extreme Pressure Gear Lubricant Castrol Alpha SP 460


Castrol Alpha SP 460 is premier quality gear lubricant designed to minimize gear tooth wear even under extremely adverse conditions. The lubricants work under extreme pressure providing extended gear life to machineries. It as high amount of antioxidants and reduces oil thickening and elevates continuous operation. It enhanced the oil change period considerably. It is also corrosion resistant and it keeps the machines oiled even during idle periods.

The lubricants have superior demulsibility characteristics and helps immediate water separation when there are any leakage or contamination problems.

Castrol Alphasyn EP 460 operates freely even in high humid environments and provides total gear protection. Its anti-foam capability helps prevent building up of system and high and smooth operation. The classy lubricants ensure pressure lubrication and gives excellent protection to the machineries you have.


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