Schmierstoffe Service Offers Optimol Longtime PD 0 for Long Term Lubrication


Optimol Longtime PD 0 is solid free high pressure grease that can be used for long term lubrication of your machineries. The lubricant has exceptional capabilities of extending the operation period of vehicles even if plying on high roads. It also gives maximum wear protection enhancing the longevity of your machineries and equipments.

Optimol Longtime PD 0 can be easily pumped and work as the centralized lubrication system. It extends the lifespan of your capital equipments saving repair and replacement costs. The product is compatible with all lithium based greases.

We at Schmierstoffe Service also provide TOTAL RUBIA TIR 8900 10W 40; a product based on synthetic technologies. It is particularly suitable for heavy duty diesel operated machineries and applications. In addition; it is also compatible with most of the gas engines.


Looking for any other schmierstoffe product in AVIA LUBRICANTS or other Lubricant ? Just give us a call.





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