Enhance Performance of Your Hydraulic Machine with Aral Vitam GF46


If you are looking for a perfect lubricant for your high performance hydraulic machine then you need to go for the Aral Vitam GF46 oil. Oil plays a significant role in better performance of your machine and the quality oil also provides longevity to the machine. It also helps in reducing maintenance cost.

The oil is recommended by the experts as it is zinc free and offers amazing wearing protection. Along with that it has minimal foaming tendency and prevents corrosion. The oil poplar in the industry and the first choice of many industries. The oils made with advanced techniques and top manufacturing companies of hydraulic pumps recommends the oil for better performance.

If you are also looking for the oil for automatic transmission, you can choose Petronas Arbor MTF 10W 30 for perfect protection against wear. The oil is cost effective and maintains the high thermostability. It keeps the hydraulic system in perfect condition.


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