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The company specialises in the worldwide distribution of branded lubricants of all kinds for the automotive and industrial sector, as well as the wholesale distribution of lubricants for industry, commerce and end users.
As a provider of multiple lubricants, we take great care to be a competent and reliable partner for our customers in all aspects of industrial lubricants.

Due to our wide range of branded lubricants, we are always able to provide you with a competitive quote for any lubricant of your choice including attractive terms for Germany-wide and worldwide deliveries.

The export of lubricants across the EU and all over the world is a matter of course for us and our daily business. We carry out all the relevant tasks – including customs clearance – on your behalf.

We happily offer our advice by email or telephone in order to find and supply to you the appropriate lubricant for your purposes as fast as possible.

As one of the leading international providers of lubricants, our range encompasses products of more than 30 brand manufacturers. Our website currently features 18 of these manufacturers.

We are distributing all kinds of lubricants such as: grease, industrial lubricants, lubricant oil, 2 stroke engine oil, marine engine oil, specialty lubricants, heavy duty engine oil, quality lubrication, automotive engine oil, compound grease, innovative lubricants, automotive lubricants, spindle oil, break oil, bearing grease, coolant oil, cutting oil, high temperature grease, synthetic grease, compressor oil, oil additives and much more.

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